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More Twists Than The London Underground

A bank vault beneath London stores a secret more precious than gold. 

When ex-soldier and security specialist Ben Drummond receives a late-night phone call from Britain’s National Crime Agency requesting his aid, he finds himself pitched into a deadly investigation: six tonnes of gold is missing from one of London’s biggest bullion banks and a guard brutally murdered. How the gold was stolen from one of London’s most secure vaults, deep beneath the River Thames, is a baffling mystery.

As Drummond and a high-ranking NCA agent, Alex Fern, begin to sort through the bizarre series of clues left behind, they soon discover that the bank vault beneath London stores a secret more precious than gold: a conspiracy bigger and more dangerous than they could ever have imagined. A secret that people will kill to protect.


What a great read this is the first Tomas Black book that I've read and it was so enthralling that I couldn't put it down, it is a fast moving story full of action with plenty twists and turns on the way.
Will definitely read more Tomas Black.

John Chippy

AMazon UK

I loved this. Found the author by accident but am so glad I did. The storyline was so great I read it straight though. The characters the action the flow of the words just push you forward to a great end. Leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait for next book from this author!


Amazon US

Ben has his hands full with people and plots to a crazy story that just doesn't want to end on its own.

Garret Lee


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