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A mountain fortress hides a deadly secret only one man can decode

Drones have been disappearing over Helmand Province, and no one knows why. Then a communications array is photographed, deep in the mountains, in an area controlled by insurgents. A crack troop of the SAS are quickly dispatched to the region. They need a mission specialist—someone with the skills and experience to make sense of the array and to determine if it’s linked to the disappearance of the drones.

Captain Ben Drummond is the mission specialist and is designated ‘the package’. The sole task of the troop is to infiltrate the region and deliver the package; the sole task of the package is to retrieve the information and return it to London. The SAS are confident they can get the man in; but getting him out …

 While Drumbeat is the prequel to The Omega Sanction, both books can be read as standalone stories. Reading one before the other will not affect your enjoyment of either story.


Don't declare war on a soldier if you can't win the peace

When ex-soldier and security specialist Ben Drummond receives a late-night phone call from Britain’s National Crime Agency requesting his aid, he finds himself pitched into a deadly investigation: six tonnes of gold bullion is missing from one of London’s biggest bullion banks and a guard brutally murdered. How the gold was stolen from one of London’s most secure vaults, deep beneath the river Thames, is a baffling mystery

As Drummond and a high ranking NCA agent, Alexandria Fern, begin to sort through the bizarre series of clues left behind, they soon discover that the bank vault beneath London stores a secret more precious than gold: a conspiracy bigger and more dangerous than they could ever have imagined. A secret that people will kill to protect.

The Omega Sanction is a fast-paced mystery thriller set in the City of London with more twists than the London Underground.