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Don't declare war on a soldier if you can't win the peace

Harriet Seymour-Jones is an investigator for the prestigious Roderick Olivier and Delaney. She's an investigator who doesn't play by the rules. She has moxie: true grit. When Harriet arrives in London on the trail of smuggled gold bullion, clues lead to a bank vault deep beneath London. What Harriet learns to her cost is that this vault holds a secret more precious than gold.

Now Harriet is missing.

Captain Ben Drummond has fought wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He now fights a daily battle to reconcile his past. He accepts the assignment to find Harriet, but discovers that the war he is about to fight in his native City of London is just as deadly. His investigations lead him to the mysterious bank vault.

And then the bodies start to pile up. 

With time running out to find Harriet and against impossible odds, Ben Drummond must fight one last war and find it within himself to win the peace.

The Omega Sanction is a fast-paced mystery thriller set in the City of London with more twists than the London Underground.


This is a real page turner from chapter one.



Action packed, suspenseful and a great read.

Bradley Morrow


An enjoyable, suspenseful read with London as the backdrop.

Greg Hoffman

Omega Sanction Book Cover

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