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The Cheese Grater

The Omega Sanction is a thriller set in the City of London. It's a place I've worked in for many years and know well. They say 'write what you know', so it was a natural choice for me to place my action and conflict in some of the many buildings and locations in this part of location. A key location is the building they call The Cheese Grater. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 2 - The Gold Fix.

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Bank Vault Beneath London

A large part of the plot in The Omega Sanction involves the mysterious bank vault of Reinhart Benson International, buried deep below the City of London. The secret contained in this vault provides much of the conflict in the book and the problems for my main protagonist, Benjamin Drummond. You may be wondering where this idea came from?

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Antagonists and Protagonists

Today's financial organisations are increasingly under threat from criminal organisations, state-sponsored cyber attacks and the kidnapping of key executives for ransom. State regulators and security services are underfunded, ill-equipped and politically weak to handle these growing threat.  To counter these risks, major financial corporations and state regulators around the globe are turning to the private sector to help them fight these threats. At the forefront of this fight is the private partnership of Roderick, Olivier and Delaney, known simply as The ROD.

In my novel The Omega Sanction, I have one main antagonist and one main protagonist. The rest are a supporting cast of good guys and bad guys. Let me know what you think.

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Concept and Premise In A Story

I have been trying to write a novel for years, but life, in general, would always seem to frustrate my efforts. I was always too busy with my day job -  my corporate life had me travelling halfway around the globe, and while that sounds glamorous, the reality of business travel can be punishing. I would start to write, lose inspiration or simply get stuck with the plot. Then I'd be back on a plane and working in a foreign location, firefighting one project or starting another and my writing would once more be put on hold.

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