Antagonists and Protagonists – Tomas Black

Antagonists and Protagonists

Today's financial organisations are increasingly under threat from criminal organisations, state-sponsored cyber attacks and the kidnapping of key executives for ransom. State regulators and security services are underfunded, ill-equipped and politically weak to handle these growing threat.  To counter these risks, major financial corporations and state regulators around the globe are turning to the private sector to help them fight these threats. At the forefront of this fight is the private partnership of Roderick, Olivier and Delaney, known simply as The ROD.

In my novel The Omega Sanction, I have one main antagonist and one main protagonist. The rest are a supporting cast of good guys and bad guys. Let me know what you think.


Roberto Perez has a problem: the world is going plastic and he has too much cash. 

As Financial Controller to the infamous drugs cartel called the Syndicate he needs to dispose of billions of dollars of paper currency before the world’s banks convert to plastic. Time is running out.

He has a plan: convert his dollars to gold bullion in one of the biggest money laundering operations in the history of organised crime. His bank of choice to facilitate this criminal enterprise is the newly formed Reinhart Benson International. The only financial centre in the world that can handle the volume of gold bullion generated by the operation is The City of London.

Jimmy Miller has a gift: he can analyse thousands of financial transactions in his head and he never forgets.

Jimmy is a rookie financial investigator for the prestigious Roderick, Olivier and Delaney, a firm feared by all those in the financial community who don’t play by the rules. In boardrooms of major corporations around the world, they are known simply as the ROD. Jimmy is sent on assignment to Mexico City to investigate the dealings of a Mexican subsidiary of the newly formed Reinhart Benson International when he stumbles upon financial transactions that implicate the bank in a massive money laundering operation. 

Jimmy has a problem: the Syndicate want him dead. When the bullets start flying, his colleagues start dying and Jimmy and is forced to flee to his native Boston and disappear. 

Jimmy may be in hiding but his former ROD colleagues aren’t stopping until the Syndicate are brought to justice. They trace the massive gold shipments to the bank vaults of Reinhart Benson International in London. There’s just one problem. They need critical financial transactions stored in Jimmy’s head. Jimmy must make a choice: get back in the game and into the crosshairs of the Syndicate assassins or leave his friends to flounder.