About – Tomas Black

Tomas Black was born in the UK and grew up in London's East End. He spent his formative years working in and around the great markets of Billingsgate, Smithfield, Borough and Petticoat Lane. These markets feature in his books. After graduating from the University of Sussex, he taught in a College of Further Education for several years before taking a post graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences and found himself in the City of London, writing code to track the inventory of gold bullion for a major bank. He spent the next twenty five years working in the City and other major financial centres around the world as a computer consultant, specialising in the Audit and Security of financial systems. He now travels the world and writes.

His latest project is The Omega Sanction, the first novel in a series of thrillers set in the financial centres of New York and London. It follows the exploits of a group of investigators that work for Roderick, Olivier and Delaney. On Wall St. and the City of London, they are simply called The ROD.

The ROD was put together in the wake of a number of high-profile corporate scandals and staffed by an assortment of specialists: forensic accountants; ex. military types for executive protection and kidnap and ransom; computer specialists and special investigators. At any time the ROD can call upon a number of specialists to help with an investigation or special assignment. These teams are called Tiger Teams and are normally parachuted into an organisation at a moments notice to catch criminal elements and to route out fraud. But the ROD is really only used as a last resort and for only the most dire of threats to the corporation.  The ROD  is normally called in by a senior member of the board or if the board is thought to be weak, the financial regulator, such as the SEC.

The first novel in the series features Special Investigator Harriet Seymour-Jones (call me Harry and whereabouts unknown); Ben Drummond, a seasoned ex-military man and GCHQ special operative, and Alex Fern, NCA Commander.